October 2008

I am proud to announce that the Maine Birders Network (MBN) was officially launched this afternoon. It is ready to go, and those who would like to use the discussion board may register now.  There are no posts at this time, but with member usage, it should grow by leaps and bounds. Those who are […]

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Maine Birders Network

by John Briggs on October 19, 2008

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Recently, I offered a question on the Maine-BirdList: Who would be interested in a Maine birders discussion board? I would be the one to set up and maintain such a board if the responses favored such an endeavor. The overwhelming response was for such a discussion forum. I am happy to report that on Sunday […]

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 We hope you all enjoyed the beautiful weather this weekend. There will not be many more like this before winter sets in. Looking at the long-range forecasts, the first flakes of snow may fall next weekend even along coastal areas. Sharon and I made a trip to the Green Point WMA in Dresden, Maine this […]

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Bird Feathers #7

by John Briggs on October 5, 2008

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The seventh in a series of occassional rundowns of what’s happening in the world of birds, birding and bird blogging. Bird News  A beak is a mysterious and incredible tool | A bird’s beak may be a rather curious object, but it remains a vitally important appendage. Eagles “Cannibalizing” Other Birds as Otters Disappear | Some […]

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