A new design

Some of you who have been here before are probably wondering, “Am I on the right site?”. Yes, you are on the right web site. Birding In Maine has had a makeover. After having the same look and feel for almost one year, I was ready for a change.

This design has a clean and fresh look to it. The theme is called Thesis, and customization couldn’t be easier. The framework is SEO friendly and the price is just right.

No matter which layout you select for your site, the core Thesis framework will remain the same, and that means you still get all the ultimate site-building and SEO benefits that Thesis offers. Best of all, you now have a true foundation for your Website—a core code framework that can accommodate any design or layout customization you might wish to make in the future.

It will be nice when an update for WordPress comes out and I won’t have to go into the code and make changes for all the extras I have added. With the use of hooks, this problem will be a thing of the past.

I hope you like the new design. There are a few tweaks that I will be working on over the next week or two. In the mean time, I was contacted by WGME TV-13 for a possible interview next week. Stay tuned and happy birding!

If you are having problems with the site, something is broken or you don’t like a specific feature, please let us know by clicking on the “Comments” link and leave us a message. We all know that Internet Explorer has its problems. If you have trouble viewing this site, try a good browser such as Mozilla Firefox. (I tested my site with IE 7 and had no problems, but bugginess in IE can sometimes render a site completely useless).

4 thoughts on “A new design”

  1. I for one will say excellent work! And I must also say that your photos are very impressive. Keep up the great work John.

  2. Hello Stephen. Thank you for visiting and for your comments!

    If I ever want to change the colors and/or the layout, it’s as simple as editing my style sheet for colors and clicking a button for the layout.

    Happy birding!

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