John BriggsJohn Briggs is a native of Pennsylvania now living in Bath, Maine. As a member of the Audubon Society, John has given lectures in Pennsylvania on the series, “Our Backyard Friends” and currently belongs to the Massachusetts and Maine Audubon Societies. He also has done research in bird migration.

John and his wife Sharon have been involved in birding for over 25 years. His favorite birding areas are Plum Island, Ma., Biddeford Pool, Me., and Campobello Island, NB.

Favorite bird: chickadee

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WeatherCam Bath, Maine. View east with Arrowsic Island in the background. Updates every 4 minutes. | Click for larger view
WeatherCam Bath, Maine. View east with Arrowsic Island in the background. Updates every 4 minutes. | Click for larger view

Here is a map of our region with our home in the Bath, Maine area marked with a green star.

Bath, Maine Regional Map

6 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi John,

    Thank you for sending these pictures! They are fantastic!!

    My wife and I are in the market for a new digital camera and I am curious to know what you are using. Your pictures are clear, vivid, and definitely worth keeping. Were all of these taken with the same camera? Will you tell me what it is?


  2. Steve;

    Thank you for visiting Birding In Maine!

    The camera that I use is a Konica Minolta Dimage Z6. I also use various filters depending on sky conditions and lighting. Very little post-processing is done with Adobe Photoshop CS, mostly just to either crop or resize the images. All images I have been taking are from this camera. It is a lower end DSLR and I enjoy the ease of using it.

    I will soon be getting a spotting scope and will be digiscoping with a Canon Rebel XT, a higher end DSLR. From this set-up, it will blow the mind of anyone seeing the pics. Up close and personal!

    To start with, the Dimage Z6 is a great DSLR camera to start with, but be forewarned, it is not your basic point and shoot.

    Thank you for the comments about my pictures, it is greatly appreciated!

    John Briggs


    Birding In Maine

  3. Hi John, I and my family are visiting Maine , from the UK, in late July and ask for some guidance on what I may expect to see . We are staying a week on Windham Lake but I am interested if there are specific places worthy of a visit, should I be able to escape !! We have enjoyed Cape Cod for a number of years now and probably I have forgotten more than I can remember so each visit is another journey of discovery . I come armed with Sibleys books and Petersons CD's so would appreciate any specific birds that Maine has to offer.or if you can suggest a book to help etc that would be great ,



  4. Hi John,

    I am putting the finishing touches on an image gallery to highlight some of the ID challenges with water birds in Puget Sound. It is used by participants of the Puget Sound Seabird Survey, a citizen science project organized by Seattle Audubon (www.seabirdsurvey.org). I need an image of a non-breeding Common Loon in flight to accompany photos donated by a local photographer. This is the best I have found:http://www.birdingmaine.com/images/PP/common_loon

    I can use what is already on your website. I can place any attribution in the corner of the image, which will be embedded in a composite jpg with two other images.

    I appreciate your help. Thank you!


  5. Hi John,
    I have made a couple of trips in the past two years with some success photographing the feeding action. I had planned to go up tomorrow morning in hopes of equaling or bettering my previous attempts. I was hoping that you would be able to give me an update on the frequency of fishing attempts of the osprey. Would you consider this a good weekend or did I miss the prime time and I would be better off waiting until next year. I am coming quite a distance, about 3 hours. Any help you are willing to provide would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Hi John, I work at Bath Middle School and was excited to discover that you are a resident of Bath. I am currently in the process of trying to find funding to get a skycam installed at our school to observe the osprey nest that we have here by the softball field. If I am successful in getting this accomplished, I was wondering if you would be available next year to speak to students about the birds of Maine and ospreys in particular. Thank you, Karen Curley

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