American Goldfinch Video

by John Briggs on February 19, 2009

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Today, during a heavy bout of snowfall, I took some HD video of several American Goldfinches that were in our feeder. Spring can not be that far behind as these birds are beginning to molt. Notice the bright yellow feathers around the eyes.

The video is a little bright. I had to make some exposure adjustments while shooting because of the heavy snow and over-did it just a tad.

Can you identify the two species that showed up in the video that are not American Goldfinches?

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Streaming Video of American Goldfinches | ©2009

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Later tonight, or tomorrow morning, I will post a video of a White-breasted Nuthatch who I found in a tree just outside our window.

I want to thank Larry Jordan over at The Birder’s Report for including a post of mine in I and the Bird #94. The post is: Longing for spring.

Happy birding!


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