American Robins in Auburn

I found this video on YouTube showing a flock of Robins in a crabapple tree just after a snowstorm in Auburn, Maine.

Unfortunately, I can not find out who the author is to give proper credit. If this is your video, please let me know.

3 thoughts on “American Robins in Auburn”

  1. I am surprised we have not seen the first robins yet this season and a friend 100 mile south still no sign iether . I seem to remember years ago when I spent 3 months in Boston we saw them during the winter though steve

  2. Steve;

    Thnk you for stopping by!

    Quite a few sightings of the “nigrideus”/Newfoundland type Robin have been reported in recent weeks. But as of late, The American Robin, Red-Winged Blackbird and Grackles have been the headline.

    Robins will over-winter in New England, such as the recent surge of Bluebirds that have been reported here in Maine this winter. With such a harsh winter this year, makes you wonder why any bird would want to stay!

    Although spring is not far off, the extended out look for Mid-March through April has well below normal temps coming. This could spell bad news for early migrants.


  3. That’s a pretty cool video. I’ve come to take Robins for granted as they hang out in the Cedars on the Big Spring all winter long, but one only returned to my yard for the first time last week,

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