by John Briggs on March 12, 2007

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Today, Birding In Maine was attacked by comment spammers. 350 comments were submitted and every one was spam. But did they succeed?

No way no how! You see, what these idiots fail to realize is that I have to approve every and any comment that will appear on this site. With their pill popping, sex peddling links just itching to get onto this site, I did what I had to do…. marked every comment as spam and blocked the IP addresses of the spammers from ever coming to this site again. And the denial of service attacks will not work either, as I have special protection against this foolishness too.

I am protecting this site from the foul comments that are not fit for anyone to read. Birding In Maine is visited by birders of all ages, and I will not allow this filth to ruin what I have worked so hard to accomplish.

This message is basically for the lug heads who performed the actions against this site today. As you ill minded imbeciles can see, it does not work! GO AWAY!


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