Bald Eagle with nesting material

We were really excited this morning to see an adult Bald Eagle carrying a large branch just yards from our home. We were near the bridge at Winnegance Lake, and the Eagle was traveling towards our home. This fella was obviously gathering nesting materials.

Not more than a few hours later, an Adult Bald Eagle (possibly the same one?) cruised over our back yard twice in the span of about an hour. I am hoping that there will be a family of Eagles nearby this summer, as I am sure the nest making is happening nearby.

I have a picture of the Eagle carrying the branch and will post it and other birds tomorrow evening.

In the mean time, I have started a page solely dedicated to the bird species recorded in our yard for 2008. It may be accessed under the menu heading 2008 Bath, Maine Yard Bird List at the top of every page. Suffice to say, the Bald Eagle is at the top of our list! The list will be updated when new species are encountered in our yard.

Happy birding!

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