Big Night For Migration

by John Briggs on August 31, 2006

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With a cold front sweeping through the [tag]northeast[/tag] US yesterday and a north wind to help birds along, last night was a big night for [tag]migrating birds[/tag]. has a great article along with radar images of last nights [tag]migration[/tag]. According to David A. La Puma, last nights migration broke-up just south of [tag]New Jersey[/tag] because of thunderstorms and precipitation from approaching [tag]Tropical Storm Ernesto[/tag].

Derek Lovitch reports a large passerine migration over Sandy Point, Maine early this morning, many of which were various species of warbler. You may read his article and bird count at Outdoors

Locally, I witnessed approx. 20 Hawks of unknown type fly over our home early this morning. Tuesday afternoon, 11 Bluebirds stopped over in my yard here in Biddeford. Four of them had a drink from the birdbath, and the others rested in a tree.

BluebirdI was suprised the bluebirds stopped here in [tag]Biddeford[/tag], although I do live towards the edge of town. I managed to [tag]photograph[/tag] one of the bluebirds, before they fled the scene.


Maybe I am wrong, but I would assume at this time of year the Bluebird would be beginning to molt, losing some of the vivid blue of its feathers. But not this fella! I did do some post-processing in Photoshop CS2 for sharpening and cropping.


The time of the year for migration is here and has been for a few weeks. This mornings low here in Biddeford was a very cool 45 F. with inland areas reporting even lower temps. Sanford and Fryburg reported a low of 39 F. this morning!


This morning, I am venturing to Granite Point for a little [tag]birding[/tag]. Will report on the trip when I get back.

Happy birding!

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