Bird Feathers #3

by John Briggs on November 9, 2007

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The third in a series of occassional rundowns of what’s happening in the world of birds, birding and bird blogging.

A Bird Habitat Conservation Plan That Developers Support

Speaking at the Patuxent Research Refuge in Maryland, President Bush unveiled several new programs aimed at helping preserve the habitats of migratory birds.

Bush proposed to improve 200,000 acres of remaining bird habitat at existing wildlife refuges and to upgrade bird habitats in national parks.

A second initiative calls for a program of conservation easements. Under this program landowners agree not to develop their properties in return for a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the land.

A third program is called recovery credit trading. Under this plan landowners are given incentives to set aside or improve land for the benefit of migratory birds. These credits can be traded or sold on the open market.

While most environmental groups appear to back the president’s recovery credit trading plan, many developers see a silver lining. Real estate developers will be able to purchase these recovery credits from private landowners permitting them the opportunity to go ahead with projects that might otherwise be prohibited or delayed due to federal environmental regulations.

 Birder's Conservation Handbook

Until now there has been no single, comprehensive resource on the status of North America’s most threatened birds and what people can do to help protect them.

Birder’s Conservation Handbook is the only book of its kind, written specifically to help birders and researchers understand the threats while providing actions to protect birds and their habitats.

Find out more about this book | Birder’s Conservation Handbook


Happy birding!

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