Bird Feathers #9

by John Briggs on January 29, 2009

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Tufted Titmouse

Tufted Titmouse

 The ninth in a series of occasional rundowns of what’s happening in the world of birds, birding and bird blogging.

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Ottawa boy’s invisible invention warns birds about deadly windows| Eighth grader Charlie Sobcov wants to stop birds from dying in collisions with windows, but he doesn’t want to ruin anybody’s view. For his latest school science fair project he has invented painted, plastic decals that can be placed — discreetly — right in the middle of a window pane. “This paint is a colour that birds can see but humans can’t,” he said Wednesday on CBC Radio’s All in a Day. “It’s like putting a big stop sign in the middle of the window.”

New species of babbler bird discovered in China |  A new species of the fist-sized babbler bird has been found in a network of underground caves in southwestern China, raising the prospect the country could become a hot spot for other discoveries, a conservation group said Thursday.

Woodpeckers in Rossmoor may soon end up in sharpshooter’s cross hairs| Woody Woodpecker was annoying, but real woodpeckers are incredible birds with complex social systems and an affinity for drilling holes in trees, in which they store food. So why would anyone want to kill them? In the upscale Bay Area retirement community of Rossmoor, it’s because acorn woodpeckers have been mistaking wooden homes, built within the birds’ natural habitat, as trees.

Cape Ann Birding Weekend

Cape Ann Birding Weekend

Cape Ann Chamber organizes weekend devoted to bird watching | In order to create an organized opportunity for bird lovers of all levels to further their birding knowledge, the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce and Mass Audubon have collaborated in planning the first Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend from Jan. 30 to Feb. 1. The price of the weekend is $10 per adult and $50 per person at the Birders’ Dinner. Event homepage

Snowy Owls Safely Removed From Logan Airport | This winter, Snowy Owls have been spotted in our area in huge numbers. Their favorite destination–Logan Airport. Although it is a long journey from the high Arctic, the icy tundra of Logan Field looks like home, attracting more Snowy Owls than anywhere else in the Northeast.

Snowy owls swoop southward, delighting birders | Biologists say an increase in snowy owl sightings in the South suggests that the arctic species did so well in its northern breeding grounds last year that competition is driving the young ones to warmer climates.

N.J. Town Shocked As Dead Birds Fall From Sky | Residents in a New Jersey town were stunned when hundreds of birds started dropping out of the sky to their deaths, but after officials explained why, residents became fuming mad.

DNA Confirms Fastest Evolving Birds | Birds from the family Zosteropidae—also called “white eyes”—could be poster children for rapid evolution. They form new species faster than any other known bird, according to new research.

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