Bird Watching: Granite Point

by John Briggs on August 31, 2006

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Granite Point, Maine

This mornings [tag]bird watching[/tag] trip to Granite Point was spectacular! Many flocks of birds were in the air, including Canada Geese, Double-Crested Cormorants, Tree Swallows, Snowy Egrets, Blue Heron and many unidentifiable ducks.

The weather was cool, with a light breeze and crystal blue skies. I seemed to be the only one [tag]birding[/tag] the area, although a few residents of the point were out and about for their morning walk.

At the end of the Granite Point Road, it was peaceful. A unknown woodpecker could be heard rapping a tree in the distance. Eiders were feeding in the low tide. Chickadees and Song Sparrows sang and flitted around. Snowy Egrets and Cormorants fed in the river, occasionally taking flight for better feeding grounds.

A huge flock of Canada Geese soared into the marsh to feed, numbering perhaps in the hundreds. Noisily they drifted to a landing, as more and more continued to fly overhead.

Quite a few Cedar Waxwings were feeding in the berry bushes along the road, as others preened in the early morning sun. A battle ensued and the acrobatic maneuvers of these beautiful birds had me in awe. Neither of the birds seemed to be the winner of the battle, although one seemed to favor a wing while sitting on a power line. I watched him for several minutes, and then he took flight and seemed to be just fine.

The following pictures are some of the sights I have seen this morning in the tranquility of Granite Point.

Cormorants take flight from a river.

Double_Crested Cormorants and Snowy Egrets


A flock of Canada Geese arrives at Granite Point.

Flock of Geese over Granite Point, Maine


Close-up of Canada Geese in flight over Granite Point.

Canadian Geese


Canada Geese come in for a landing to feed at Granite Point.

Canadian Geese landing


A Butterfly warms itself in the early morning sun.



A [tag]bird feeder[/tag] has activity on Granite Point.

Bird feeder with Gold Finches and a House Finch


European Starlings preening on a power line.

European Starlings

That’s it for now. Happy birding!

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