Bird Videos

Videos taken of wild birds are becoming increasingly popular. One problem with showing the videos on the internet is file size. Who wants to watch a video that will take forever to download?

Flash movies are the answer to this problem. Streaming video directly to your browser. This is how we will present our videos of birds to you.

Our camcorder is a High Definition Sony HDR-SR10. I convert the files from the camcorder to Windows HD WMV format and then to a flash .flv file. The videos will be embedded into this page. Clips can be selected via the play list. If you have any problems viewing a video, please let us know.

Included in the video playlist, are the following bird videos:

  • Gray Catbird eating suet
  • Male Dunlin in breeding plummage
  • Chipping Sparrow taking a bath
  • Common Eiders with chicks
  • Snowy Egret eating fish
  • Tufted Titmouse bathing in birdbath
  • Adult Chipping Sparrow feeding young

Dimension: 516×290 | Video bit rate: 700Kbps
Playback: Click Play Button | Playlist: Scroll, Click Movie
Streaming Videos of Wild Bird Activity | ©2008 

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