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by John Briggs on October 24, 2006

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question_mark.jpgFrom the lack of responses to an article I wrote about a [tag]birding forum[/tag] on this site, I may be forced to take down the forum. I do want to thank those who have responded, as it is greatly appreciated.

I will give it two more weeks for your input. If you could take just a few seconds of your time and place your vote under the question “How likely are you to use this birding forum?”. No signing in is required! It’s free!

Myself, along with some others, believe this could be a wonderful resource for [tag]birders[/tag] in [tag]Maine[/tag] and the northeast US as a whole. Time is at a premium for a lot of us these days, so I understand that you may not have time to participate in a Birding Forum every day. We don’t ask that you post everyday, just to provide some input occassionally as to your sightings, tips, stories and anything else to do with [tag]birding[/tag].

You can also comment about such a forum by either posting in the forum or clicking “Leave a passing comment »” at the end of this article. Remember, you don’t need to register at this time. You may post all you want in the forums without an email address, username or password.

Happy birding!

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