Birding gift ideas

by John Briggs on November 28, 2006

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Snow BuntingIt’s that time of the year again. What can you get a [tag]birder[/tag] for [tag]Christmas[/tag]?

Try thinking in broader terms when searching for a gift for a birder. Everything from a feeder to binoculars and scopes will make a birder happy. Guide books, specific species books and ID guides will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

If your birding friend lives in [tag]Maine[/tag], how about The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer. Another favorite is A Birder’s Guide To Maine.

Does someone you know have the dreaded squirrel problem? Get them a baffle or a squirrel-proof feeder. A lot of feeders have metal seed ports to keep squirrels from chewing holes in the feeder.

From birdsong identifiers to specialty seed, there’s a wide range of gift ideas for your birding friends and family members.

Let’s hear some of your [tag]gift[/tag] ideas. Simply reply by clicking the “Leave a passing comment »” link at the end of this article.

Happy [tag]birding[/tag]!

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