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by John Briggs on July 26, 2006

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Yesterday, I purchased some birding software online called Aves Bird Watcher. Check the site out and read all about it. Cost is $29.99 and includes free upgrades for life.

I needed a journal type software to keep a record of birds I have seen, and with parameters such as adding pictures, weather conditions, location, habitat, notes, etc. This software has all of this and more! It even includes a voice/sound recorder, and it not only accepts images, but video too!

It will even make the pages of your journal or its record of birds into HTML documents to upload to your website, such as this database page of the American Bittern, and a page about a sighting of the American Bittern.

There are other software programs out there that do much more and have better databases of birds, but for now, this was my choice.

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