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by John Briggs on March 30, 2009

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During the month of May, we will be preparing nectar feeders for Baltimore Orioles and Ruby-throated Hummingbirds. Although there is still a chance of cold and snow, it would be brief. Spring flowers will begin blooming, trees are starting to leaf and the first shovel full of earth is being turned in the garden.

Last year there were Baltimore Orioles nesting nearby. We could hear them singing every morning, but could not figure out where they were. Occassionally the pair would visit our nectar feeder and we even had a single visit by a male Orchard Oriole. This year, we will place several more feeders throughout the yard in hopes of attracting a nesting pair.

One of our favorite spots to see Orioles is Capisic Park in Portland. Owned by the city of Portland, it’s an 18-acre nature preserve on the banks of stream fed Capisic Pond, Portland ‘s largest freshwater pond. The park is open space with many flowering trees. Orchard and Baltimore Orioles nest here regularly. During spring Warbler migration, the park is included in our birding loop of Warbler fall out spots. It is our second stop after Evergreen Cemetary.

In my opinion, it is a sure sign of spring when the Orioles arrive. Summer is around the corner and the cold and gloomy days of winter are behind us. This photo was taken at Capisic Park in May of 2008.


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Baltimore Oriole (male) | Capisic Park, Portland, Maine May 2008

Baltimore Oriole (male) | Capisic Park, Portland, Maine May 2008


Happy birding!


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