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by John Briggs on June 7, 2010

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I had the opportunity this week, between bouts of studying Anatomy and Physiology, to take my camera to the backyard and points close by to photograph some birds and critters. The activity at our feeding stations is high, with adult male and female birds taking suet, grape jelly and seed back to their nests. I am patiently waiting for fledglings to show up at our feeding stations. A noisy House Finch family are the only species to have fledged so far.

I am also watching two Bald Eagle nests and several Osprey nests, hoping to capture some images of the young leaving the nest. Several families of Mallards and Canada Geese have been motoring around our cove with young in tow, but never close enough to get any worthwhile images. I noticed that one particular goose family has 3 less goslings than the week before. Could be the Bald Eagles feeding their young.

Enjoy the photos of the birds and critters that I have submitted for this weeks edition of Bird Photography Weekly. A note on the Red Fox kit: the image was taken through the windshield of my car, thus the strange looking background. The kit was startled when a tractor came down the dirt lane where it was standing on a pile of old lumber. The background looks strange, but I like the image never-the-less.

Some of the following images are tall. Tap your f11 key to open your browser to its fullest size before viewing. Simply click a thumbnail for a full-sized view.

Happy birding!



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