BPW: Tree Swallow feeding fledgling

by John Briggs on March 16, 2009

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Tree Swallows have not returned to Maine yet, but when they do, I have the nest boxes ready for them. I love spending a summer afternoon sitting in the shade, sipping iced tea and watching Swallows hawk insects in mid-air.

The cove and marsh off our back yard hosts hundreds of Tree and Barn Swallows during the summer months. Occasionally, we see a Cliff Swallow passing through. The peak of the activity happens when the tide rises, flooding the mud flats. Insects take to the air because of the rising waters which in turn stirs the Swallows into a feeding frenzy. Fledglings wait for the adults to bring them the delicious morsels that help them grow strong.

From the archives, I bring you these two photos for Bird Photography Weekly: a fledgling Tree Swallow waiting for the adult, and the adult feeding the fledgling. Click thumbnails for larger view.

Fledgling Tree Swallow

Fledgling Tree Swallow


Adult Tree Swallow feeding fledgling

Adult Tree Swallow feeding fledgling




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