Common Redpolls – Video

by John Briggs on March 3, 2009

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During the recent snowstorm, our feeders were very busy. Take for instance:

  • Along with the regular yard birds, 35 Pine Siskins trying to find room on the feeders.
  • 40+ Common Redpolls vying for precious space.
  • 2 male Red-winged Blackbirds who were more than happy to find a ground feeder during the tempest.
  • Not a feeder bird but 3 Bald Eagles; 1 Adult and 2 second year were standing on an ice ridge in the cove just off our yard.
  • 1 Harbor Seal laid up on the ice edge were our cove meets the Kennebec River.

Needless to say, the bird activity emptied nearly every feeder! We kept up with the birds, assuring that no one went hungry.

Today, the skies are blue again, but it is cold. Looking through the rest of the week, it is to stay cold with only a chance of snow showers Friday night. With the fresh snow pack, we will see temps near zero at night over the next several days. I heard a few meteorologists mention that the cold spell will last into the foreseeable future. I wonder if the Red-winged Blackbirds wished they had waited awhile before coming to this latitude?

I shot some video of the Common Redpoll activity during the snow storm.

Dimension: 520×420 | Video bit rate: 1000Kbps | File Size: 11.6mb
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If only the Redpolls would come like this when the sun is shining. Their raspberry color is vivid when the sun is out, but the colors seem a little washed in this video taken during the snowstorm.

Happy birding!

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