Cormorant on a wire

by John Briggs on August 4, 2006

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Double Crested CormorantThis evening while traveling down Pine Point Road along the Scarborough Marsh, we observed an unusual feat being performed by a Double-Crested Cormorant.

At the [tag]Nature[/tag] Center, high upon a powerline, the cormorant was doing a balancing act that was somewhat comical. The [tag]bird[/tag] had the wire swaying as it tried to balance itself, and if i must say so myself, doing a fairly good job of it.

We continued on to our destination, which was dinner at the Clam Bake at Pine Point. After nearly an hour and a half, we head back towards Route 1 via Pine Point Road and our cormorant friend was still on the powerline doing the balancing act!

As you can see in this picture, the cormorants webbed feet are not made for standing on a powerline.

This bird did a great job of the high-wire act. At times the wire would stop swaying, only to begin again as the cormorant shifted its footing.

My only regret was that the camera was not in the car! Nor was the camcorder. You never, ever pass by the Scarborough Marsh without some kind of camera.

Tomorrow morning, we are heading to the marsh to do some [tag]birding[/tag] and this time a camcorder and camera will be along for the walk along the Eastern Road. If you see us out there, say hello!

Happy birding!

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