Dogs are not allowed

by John Briggs on December 28, 2006

in Weekend Birding

I love [tag]animals[/tag], pets, [tag]wildlife[/tag], [tag]birds[/tag], fish… you get the idea, so I don’t want anyone leaving a comment about how I hate dogs, because I don’t. When I had my beagle, named Buddy, I obeyed the law. With pets, you must obey the law, but some people don’t.

My wife and I were near the entrance to the Eastern Point Wildlife Sanctuary near Biddeford Pool on Christmas eve at approximately 10:00 a.m. We were parked along the street [tag]birding[/tag] and watched a car park directly in front of the gate to the sanctuary. Signs on the gate, which you cannot miss, state “NO DOGS” and “NO PETS”.

A couple exited their car with two dogs and proceeded to walk into the sanctuary with their pets. My wife tried to get their attention by saying that dogs were not allowed in the sanctuary, and when they ignored her, I tried to tell them. They completely ignored us!!

It takes a good bit to upset me, but this episode did. I did nothing. I should have called the Maine Audubon Society. I figured it’s Christmas Eve, so why cause a stink.

But you know what? I should have caused a stink. The sanctuary is there to preserve wildlife, not to be stressed by someones dogs ripping and tearing around. I have seen these rules broken before both at the sanctuary and at the Scarborough Marsh where dogs must be on a leash. If I see anyone in the sanctuary with dogs, I will report them, licenses plates and all. I don’t care if it’s the President of the US or the Mayor of Biddeford.

Here are a few pictures of the entrance to the sanctuary, with the “NO DOGS” sign as evident as the thumb on your hand. Click a thumbnail for a larger view.


Signs at the entrance to the Eastern Point Wildlife Sanctuary. A large sign at the entrance to the Eastern Point Wildlife Sanctuary makes it obvious that dogs are not allowed.

Beware scofflaws and happy birding!

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