Early morning birding video

by John Briggs on August 5, 2006

in Birding Videos

The trip to Scarborough Marsh this morning didn’t pan out as expected, so my wife and I went instead to the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge near Biddeford Pool, Maine.

Much activity was encountered, including the spotting through my binoculars of a Gray Jay! (If someone out there in the know could possibly contact me concerning the sighting probabilities of a Gray Jay in Southern [tag]Maine[/tag], I would appreciate it.)

We met a fellow [tag]birder[/tag] along the way and exchanged some notes. This gentleman had a terrific [tag]camera[/tag] with a lense on it that looked like a cannon! And I don’t mean the brand name Canon.

We shot some [tag]video[/tag], and I am including a clip here of sandpipers feeding in the marsh. Later, as time, permits, I will include video of Great Blue Herons, An Eider with chicks and a few Greater Yellow Legs seen this morning.

Video Length:1:07 Size:5.81 mb Format:.wmv

View a video clip of sandpipers feeding in a marsh

(This video will open in a “Pop-Up” window)

Please leave a “Passing Comment” and let me know what you think of the video.

Thanks for watching and happy [tag]birding[/tag]!

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