Gold Finch Closeup

by John Briggs on July 16, 2006

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My wife and I were early risers this morning, venturing out to a marsh in the Rachael Carson Wildlife Preserve in Biddeford, Maine with our morning coffee. (This marsh is our so-called quiet spot.)

Gold FinchThe rising sun and a light breeze off the sea made a perfect morning for bird watching, and a cool respite from the impending heat forecasted later this afternoon.

We heard a gold finch call in the distance and my wife called back to it. (She does superb gold finch calls!) A few seconds later, a male gold finch landed directly in front of us, not more than 10 feet away on a spray of wild millet.

I commenced to take photos of this beautiful bird like there was no tomorrow! As you can see in this photo, the gold finch has landed on a fence post and is nibbling on a piece of millet looking as if he is standing “at ease” military style!

The gold finch hung around for approx. 3 minutes and then was gone, bringing a smile to our faces and waking us up more than the coffee could ever do! It just goes to show that if you practice your birding calls, you never know what suprise will come so close to you, that you can practically reach out and touch it.

Gold Finch


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