Hoodies Galore

by John Briggs on March 11, 2007

in Weekend Birding

Today was a much better [tag]bird watching[/tag] day than yesterday, but clouds put a damper on the photography.

Our journey took us to Camp Ellis, where Mallards and Common Loons were plentiful. And of all things, there were people in the parking lot feeding the seagulls fudge! I think gulls leave enough of a mess without having to add fudge to the mix.

We then headed to Pine Point, where as always, Horned Grebes were the dominate species. Plenty of Old Squaw and Common Eiders floated around feeding in the harbor. Several [tag]birders[/tag] with scopes lined the pier behind the lobster pound.

Our final destination was the Scarborough Marsh, where Hooded Mergansers were more than plentiful. I counted approx. 40 individuals, male and female. I managed to snap a few shots when the sun tried peeking out behind the clouds and the results are below. Click a thumbnail for a larger view.

Male Hooded Merganser - Scarborough Marsh, Maine. Female Hooded Mergansers - Scarborough Marsh, Maine.
Male and Female Hooded Mergansers - Scarborough Marsh, Maine. Canada Geese Feeding - Scarborough Marsh, Maine.


I received a report from the Maine [tag]Bird[/tag] List that a beautiful Northern Pintail in breeding plummage was spotted in the Cape Neddick River near York, Maine. Seems the fella was in love with a female Mallard. Maltail or Pinlard anyone? More and more species are moving north folks, keep an eye out and let us know what you are seeing.

Happy [tag]birding[/tag]!

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