Hummingbird Preening

by John Briggs on August 22, 2009

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This little jewel loves to perch on the very tip of one of our feeder branches and sits there looking pretty. She is only 6″ from a fresh supply of nectar. With the Hummingbird activity around our feeders this past week, she gets harassed on occasion. I was able to capture this female Ruby-throated Hummingbird preening during a break in the activity.

Once the video has started, clicking on the video will take you to You Tube where the video is hosted. Once on the You Tube site, clicking the HD icon will place the video in HD widescreen mode, which is the best playback.

Dimension: 520×390 | Video length: 1:17
Playback: Click Play Button | Broadband Connection Recommended
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Happy birding!


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