Ice Out!

by John Briggs on March 22, 2009

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View from WeatherCam on 3-22-09 at 12:30 p.m. looking east toward arrosic Island and Hells Gate on the Kennebec River. | Click for larger view

View from WeatherCam on 3-22-09 at 12:30 p.m. looking east toward Arrosic Island and Hells Gate on the Kennebec River. | Click for larger view

On a receding tide this morning, the ice was finally pulled out of the cove and into the Kennebec River for its journey out to sea. A few “iceberglets” are still floating around and are getting grounded on the mud flats as the tide continues to recede.

Quite a bit of ice still continues down the Kennebec and may push back into our cove on the next several high tide cycles. But the majority of the ice that has plagued our cove since November is gone.

The image on above is from my weather cam. The specks in the water on the lower left side of the image are Canada Geese. You can even see some lingering damage from a snowstorm in the tree. (I have to get up there and get that limb cut off.)

I have posted my weather cam image on my “About” page. It normally updates every 4 minutes. Just refresh the page. At night, all you will see is darkness. The view faces east and you may see some beautiful sunrises. And when the sun is behind the cam, you may see birds in the feeder. The image on the left will not update, it’s just a capture.

Now that most of the ice has moved out, the ducks and geese are moving in closer. As I finish out this post (3:00 p.m.), over 100 ducks and geese are waddling on the mudflats just 20 yards off shore. BUT…. the snow is flying once again as a cold front moves through bringing with it intense snowsqualls. Tomorrow’s highs are to be only in the 20’s. At least the ice is out!

I ventured down the yard Saturday afternoon and prepared a site for my blind just above the high tide line. Situated among the reeds and sumac, it should be an excellent place to photograph ducks, geese, shorebirds, Egrets and Herons.

I am posting a few images from yesterday that I took while I was preparing my site. The Eagle photos are not the best as they were flying very high. A total of 6 Bald Eagles (2 adult, 4 immature) flew around the marsh and cove scattering ducks as they did so. The adult pair continues nest building activity on Arrowsic Island. Click thumbnails for larger view.

Northern Pintail Ducks (2 male and a female) coming in for a landing yesterday afternoon.

Northern Pintail Ducks

Northern Pintail Ducks


Canada Geese on the ice Saturday afternoon.

Canada Geese

Canada Geese


A pair of adult Bald eagles flying high in the sky.

Adult Bald Eagles

Adult Bald Eagles


Immature Bald Eagle coasting over the cove.

Immature Bald Eagle

Immature Bald Eagle


Happy birding!



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