Maine Audubon Rare Bird Alert: Nov. 20

Maine Audubon Rare Bird Alert
Reporting Period: November 16 – November 20
Area: State of Maine
Compilers: Eric Hynes and Stella Walsh

 Of Special Note

 This week’s rarities included a TOWNSEND’S SOLITAIRE in Brooksville and WESTERN KINGBIRDS in Falmouth and Scarborough.


 BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS, COMMON REDPOLLS and PINE GROSBEAKS continue to be widely reported, particularly in northern and central Maine.  EVENING GROSBEAKS are still turning up at feeders but not in the numbers seen several weeks ago.  NORTHERN SHRIKE reports continue state-wide at an above average rate.

 York County

 A CAPE MAY WARBLER continues to be seen at feeders along Hills Beach Road in Biddeford.  The YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER at Fortunes Rocks has not been reported in this time period.

 On November 18, a NORTHERN PINTAIL and a late BLUE-WINGED TEAL were among the 8 species of ducks at Sanford Sewage Treatment Plant. Also seen were a NORTHERN HARRIER, EVENING GROSBEAK, and a NORTHERN SHRIKE.

 Saco Bay


 Greater Portland

 A BLUE-HEADED VIREO was found in Portland on the edge of the water treatment plant driveway which continues from the eastern end of Marginal Way.

 The HUDSONIAN GODWIT continued to be seen through at least November 19 near the lobster co-op at Pine Point in Scarborough.

 Sightings of the WESTERN KINGBIRD at Dunstan Landing in Scarborough have become few and far between but it was most recently reported on November 19.  Another WESTERN KINGBIRD is frequenting crabapple trees near the barn at Tidewater Farm in Falmouth.  Also noted at this spot were a single PINE GROSBEAK, an immature NORTHERN SHRIKE and an immature BALTIMORE ORIOLE who was feeding in the apple trees in back of the farmhouse.

 Also in Falmouth, on November 19, an immature NORTHERN GOSHAWK was being harassed by crows as it soared over Gilsland Farm.

 Fifty COMMON REDPOLLS were feasting on birch catkins at Florida Lake Park on November 18. 

 Five PINE GROSBEAKS perched in a deciduous treetop on Tuttle Rd, Pownal on November 15.

 Two RED CROSSBILLS were at Pratt’s Brook Park, Yarmouth on November 17.

 Androscoggin Valley

 Lingering birds included a late RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD at feeders in Auburn and a WHITE-THROATED SPARROW in Buckfield.


 Seven RED CROSSBILLS and about 15 COMMON REDPOLLS were at Merrymeeting Bay WMA in Dresden.

 The flock of COMMON REDPOLLS at Green Point WMA has swollen to about 50 birds as of November 20.

 A pair of BLUE-WINGED TEAL along with 232 Green-winged Teal and 69 American Coots were at the mouth of the Abbagadasset River, Brown Point Road in Bowdoinham.

 A BALTIMORE ORIOLE is feeding on apples in a Phippsburg yard.

 A flock of 50+ BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS were feeding on winterberry at the Lake Nequasset boat launch off old stage road in Wiscasset on November 19.

 Kennebec Valley

 Colby College in Waterville is proving to be a reliable place to find PINE GROSBEAKS and BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS.  A flock of 125 BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS were devouring crabapples near the tennis courts on November 19.

 A BARROW’S GOLDENEYE was mixed into the large raft of Common Goldeneye on the Kennebec River off of Fort Halifax in Winslow on November 18.

 Central – Bangor

 Two BARROW’S GOLDENEYE drakes have joined the dozen COMMON GOLDENEYE drakes in the Penobscot River near the intersection of State St. and Hogan Rd. in Bangor.

 Penobscot Bay

 A TOWNSEND’S SOLITAIRE was discovered November 19 on the hill above the Bucks Harbor Market on Coastal Road in Brooksville.


 A WILSON’S SNIPE was seen in Machias on November 19. PINE GROSBEAKS, BOHEMIAN WAXWINGS, and COMMON REDPOLLS continue in numbers in the Machias area.

 Northern Maine- Aroostook

 At the edge of its range, a TUFTED TITMOUSE was in Presque Isle.

Report Provided By:
Eric Hynes
Staff Naturalist / Gilsland Farm Center Manager
Maine Audubon
20 Gilsland Farm Road
Falmouth, ME 04105
207-781-2330 ext. 237

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