Maine Birders Network Launched

by John Briggs on October 25, 2008

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I am proud to announce that the Maine Birders Network (MBN) was officially launched this afternoon. It is ready to go, and those who would like to use the discussion board may register now. 

Maine Birders Network

There are no posts at this time, but with member usage, it should grow by leaps and bounds. Those who are from outside of Maine and will be visiting the state in the future, can interact with the members to get info on birding in Maine.

I will be working on the site over the next week to add features such as gallery software, which will allow members to have a photo album. I may add blogging software so members may have their own blog.

Future enhancements may include contests, a yearly MBN member get together and possibly MBN member bird walks.

We will see with time if this will become a hit or not.

Happy birding!


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