Maine Birds

by John Briggs on July 20, 2007

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Maine’s exceptional variety and diversity of [tag]bird[/tag] species are the result of a joining of several specific habitats. [tag]Maine[/tag] is the natural boundary of the northern evergreen boreal forests, each of which offers an unusual variety of [tag]birds[/tag]. In addition to forestland habitats, Maine’s 33,000 square miles of landscape range from sea level to cloud-capped mountains, and each change in elevation and geography brings with it its own unique variety of birds, contributing greatly to the diversity of [tag]wildlife[/tag]. Add to this some 5,500 miles of rugged coast, 6,000 lakes and ponds and thousands of miles of rivers-all offering incredible opportunities to view animals on, in and around the water.

We receive hundreds of suggestions from our readers and the same suggestions keeps coming up time and time again. How about an occassional special feature on Birds of Maine?

Beginning this weekend, we will introduce the series “[tag]Maine Birds[/tag]”. We will spotlight a species of bird that can be found in Maine, describing habitat, breeding, nesting, feeding and migration. Native and non-native species will be covered. The frequency of these posts will be on a bi-weekly to monthly basis.

We welcome suggestions on any bird that you would like to see spotlighted. The only requirement is that the species must be present in Maine at some point during the year.

We hope you will enjoy “Maine Birds”. Happy [tag]birding[/tag]!


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