Moving to Bath

The time has come to move on. My wife and I will be taking up residence in Bath, Maine next month. The situation here in Biddeford is deplorable at best. Since moving here two years ago, we have had no fewer than 4 thefts of our property. Drunks and young thugs decide that 2:00 a.m. is the best time to pound their fists on metal street signs, making enough noise to wake up the dead! The straw that broke the camels back was when we had a brand new stainless steel grill stolen from our porch in broad daylight while we were at work. We had the grill only 20 days before someone thought they needed it more than we did. Of course, no one saw anything…. whatever, good bye and good riddance Biddeford.

We had the good fortune of finding a home along the Kennebec River, with a marsh and the river in our lower back yard. Basically a dream home for us. The map shows the general location of where we will live.

Map of Bath, Maine

We will miss our regular birding loop, but I am absolutely sure we will discover a new one. Our back yard should be a haven for waterfowl, raptors and other birds. We noticed today that there is a crab apple tree in the back corner of the lot that looks as if it has yet to be discovered by Grosbeaks.

The back yard is terraced to the marsh/river edge and has the opportunity to be a great spot for a blind. During foul or bitter cold weather, a tripod with our scope attached, will be in the living room at the picture window looking out over the river towards Doubling Point Lighthouse. Several feeding stations and a water feature will be placed throughout the back and side yards. A new yard list will have to begin, with what I am sure will feature birds that have never graced any of our other yard lists.

I have even played around with the idea of a live bird cam pointed at one of the feeding stations.

This blog, of course, will continue. Until we get moved and settled in, the posts may be few and far between for about a month. Rest assured, we will continue as long as these fingers can type and click a shutter.

As a side note, will cease to exist sometime during the middle of February. My new weather site will be and should be up and operating before the end of February.

For those of you out there that have birded the Bath area and would like to share some favorite birding spots, please let me know via email or by commenting in this or future articles.

Happy birding!

6 thoughts on “Moving to Bath”

  1. I always think of places north of Massachusetts as being relatively crime free-guess I’m wrong.-I’m sure that birding will be very exciting in your new area!

  2. Larry:

    Not as pristine as you thought. But it is just a few bad apples I guess, they are everywhere no matter where you live. Just the way society has progressed.

    Yes, I can’t wait to start birding the area. Hopefully the area will be a migrant magnet, fallout, etc.


  3. John,
    As you bid adieu to Biddedford, I wish for you that your new home may be as relaxing as a nice warm Bath! I know pretty poor, but all the best at what sounds like a great new place to live.

  4. I’m so happy to have found your website, it will be a wealth of information to me as I start birding. I’m over here in western maine–no crime, but not much in the way of an economy either.

  5. Beth;

    It is nice to hear you have found our site!

    Please feel free to ask any questions you may have as you begin to venture into the wonderful work of birding.

    You have a very nice website also. Beautiful pictures! Folks, click on Beth’s name in her comment and it will take you to her site.


  6. John, though I live in AZ now I have lived in Livermore Falls and Presque Isle. While we were in Livermore Falls we visited Bath and Popham Beach State Park. Nasty biting mosqiotes there in the summer! Great birds though. If you ever go to Aroosstook County, check out Arnold Brook Lake near Presque Isle for birding. I hope you enjoy your new home! I’m married to a “Mainiac” so we visit there on a regualr basis. Nice photos!

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