Nelson’s Sharp-Tailed Sparrow

by John Briggs on August 9, 2006

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The mystery bird is no longer a mystery! It is a Nelson’s Sharp-tailed Sparrow.

I based my decision on input from others, and more research into this beautiful [tag]bird[/tag]. Many thanks for those who responded to my article asking for input on the identity of the bird. Special thanks to Paul Garitty over at Maine Birding for his input and the “tipping of the scales” so to speak, which led me to say with certainity, that it’s a Nelson’s StS.

Going to be making a trip to Plum Island, [tag]Massachusetts[/tag] this weekend and will report back here with my report and more [tag]photos[/tag] and [tag]videos[/tag].

In the mean time, here is a [tag]video[/tag] of the Nelson’s Sharp-Tailed Sparrow that I took. Happy [tag]birding[/tag]!

Video clip of a Nelson’s Sharp-Tailed Sparrow 

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