Problems with this site

by John Briggs on April 7, 2008

in Blog, Site News

Sometime during the time we were in Pennsylvania for Sharon’s mothers funeral, this web site was hacked. The problem has been fixed with an update to WordPress and the offending material has been removed, but not before Google dropped our site because of the links that the hackers added to our site.

I have sent in a request to Google to reconsider. They will reindex this site and without the offending links present, hopefully will return us to their search engine.

I want to apologize to those who may have seen the offending links. Nothing from our site was removed, that is nearly impossible to do. The problem was that comments that I normally have to approve, was approved without my knowledge, because of a glitch in the blog software. This has been fixed with an update to the software.

As far as the hackers are concerned, I hope for your sake, that we never cross paths in person.


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