Raiding the feeder

Since moving to Biddeford, [tag]Maine[/tag] nearly seven months ago, we have been blessed with not having squirrels raid our feeders. Well that changed this morning when one came through and decided to try our [tag]bird[/tag] offerings for half an hour.

We have gotten a little loose on our [tag]squirrel[/tag] protection apparatus since none seemed to be raiding our feeders. While living in [tag]Pennsylvania[/tag], it was a constant battle with the bushy tail. Keeping these critters out of the bird feeders, even when offering them their own feeder, is nearly impossible.

Baffles, guards, hot pepper… you name it, it was tried in the Keystone State. And being on the doorstep of the cold howling winds and snow of [tag]winter[/tag], these squirrels will hide mouthfuls of bird seed to use later on.

Sometimes you just have to live with it. I have to admit that some of the shenanigans and the acrobatic finese of these creatures are a joy to watch.

The following is a [tag]video[/tag] I took of the squirrel this morning. I shot hand-held, so some of it is a little jumpy.


Video clip of a Squirrel raiding the feeder


Happy birding!