Settling In

We are settling into our home in Bath and have time now, with the unpacking nearly finished, to start [tag]birding[/tag] again. Some of the feeders are out in the yard and filled with delicious treats for the [tag]birds[/tag]. The ground is frozen solid, so it will be awhile until we can set up the feeding stations.

We have had Robins, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Chickadees, Crows and a Pine Grosbeak so far. A herd of deer visited our back yard very early Saturday morning, some coming as close as three feet from the living room window! A squirrel has already made itself unwelcome. Our scope, on a tripod, is set up in front of the picture window in the living room to watch the activity on the Kennebec River.

Slowly but surely the birds will come. It must have been some time, if ever, since a [tag]bird[/tag] feeder has been set out in the yard. Spring is coming soon and I have visions of Warblers, Herons and Egrets gracing our yard along the rivers edge, along with Osprey and Bald Eagles.

We will be out and about this weekend looking for and photographing birds. It seems like it has been forever since we have had the chance to relax and go [tag]birdwatching[/tag]!

Happy birding!

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5 thoughts on “Settling In”

  1. It’s good to see you back. It sounds like you have a good birding post in Bath, still not much here but I’m looking forward to spring.

  2. Where is Bath?

    I live in Western Washington, but get out to Maine now and then to visit my kids. My daughter lives in Carmel, outside of Bangor. This Christmas was really snowy. I did most of my birding from the dining room window. My son-in-law brought the feeders in closer so I could take some photos without getting my pinkies cold.

    We went to Scarborough Marsh, but everything was beyond digiscoping distance – what little there was. Did get to photograph some black ducks right in Portland. Went to the Audubon center near Portland, but didn’t have much action.

    My kids usually come out to WA during the summer, but a second granddaughter in the pouch has nixed that. Therefore, I’ll be heading to Maine for my first summer visit. I hope to add to my lifer list. Any suggestions for July birding? My son-in-law said there is a city forest in Bangor that is quite good. What is Desert Island like in July? I’m dying to get a good Northern Cardinal photo in my portfolio.

  3. David;

    Bath, the City of Ships, is on the Mid-Coast of Maine, east of Brunswick. I live 3 miles south of town just before the Winnegance Bridge.

    July is a great time to come to Maine birding! Your best bet would be the Scarborough Marsh. Even though winter is not the best bet for the marsh, summertime is.

    You should be able to add to your life list. Bobolinks, shorebirds, ducks, Hawks, Eagles, Osprey, Nelson’s Sharp-tailed Sparrows, Saltmarsh Sharp-tailed Sparrows, Swallows, Thrushes, Orioles, etc. can be found at the marsh in July.

    A great start would be to check out the web site for the Maine Birding Trail at Simply click on the map for your region of interest.

    Hope this helps out for your visit. Feel free to contact me before you arrive for updated bird sightings.


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