Spring in Maine – Birds

by John Briggs on April 10, 2010

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You can feel, hear and see it as soon as you walk out the door. The warm air, the singing of the birds, the crocus and daffodils pushing through the ground; you have walked right into Spring, bursting forth with life and you are happy to be alive!

On Wednesday, the mercury topped out at 70° F here along the mid coast of Maine. Thanks to a sea breeze (an almost daily occurrence during the spring and summer months along coastal locations) temperatures have been hanging around the upper 50’s to low 60’s. On this same Wednesday, Portland, Maine soared to 85° F. and several inland locations ended up just a degree shy of ninety! I was also awakened in the middle of the night by a thunderstorm this week. Spring in Maine!

Birds are migrating and they are stopping by our feeders for a quick “pick me up” before continuing their journey. On Thursday of this week, 6 Osprey were fishing in our cove and an adult Bald Eagle was harassing ever one that it could. A pair of Osprey are repairing a nest nearby and I saw Bald Eagles carrying moderate sized tree branches to a nest just across the cove from where we live. It’s as if someone threw a huge switch signifying the start of Spring!

The following list represents birds recorded from our home over the course of several hours on Thursday.

Location: Home – Bath, Maine
Observation date: 4/9/10
Number of species: 46

Canada Goose 8
Wood Duck 4
American Black Duck 11
Mallard 6
Blue-winged Teal 1
Green-winged Teal 15
Ring-necked Duck 2
Bufflehead 2
Red-breasted Merganser 2
Wild Turkey 3
Common Loon 2
Double-crested Cormorant 2
Great Blue Heron 1
Turkey Vulture 4
Osprey 6
Bald Eagle 3   (2 adults and 1 – 3rd year)
Northern Harrier 1
Red-tailed Hawk 1
Mourning Dove 6
Belted Kingfisher 1
Downy Woodpecker 3
Hairy Woodpecker 2
Northern Flicker 2
Pileated Woodpecker 1
Eastern Phoebe 2
Blue Jay 4
American Crow 8
Tree Swallow 11
Black-capped Chickadee 6
Tufted Titmouse 4
Red-breasted Nuthatch 1
White-breasted Nuthatch 3
Brown Creeper 1
American Robin 5
Yellow-rumped Warbler 1
Pine Warbler 1
Chipping Sparrow 2
Song Sparrow 7
Dark-eyed Junco 6
Northern Cardinal 2
Red-winged Blackbird 12
Common Grackle 5
Brown-headed Cowbird 6
Purple Finch 5
House Finch 2
American Goldfinch 8

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The following are bird photographs taken this week from our home, including a male Purple Finch I lovingly call “Peg Leg”. The bird is missing a foot but seems to be doing very well. I have seen it eating, singing and chasing other male finches from the feeder.

Simply click a thumbnail for a full-sized shadow box photo. Controls at the bottom of the full-sized photo will take you to the next photo.

Happy birding!



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