Squirrels and Blue Jays

by John Briggs on October 19, 2006

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Squirrel hanging from a feeder


My feeders were quite busy today, but not with a lot of birds. Squirrels!

Two of them have been trying to raid the feeders for the past few weeks. This fella decided to help himself to the [tag]woodpecker[/tag] feeder.

I watched as the [tag]squirrel[/tag] would scurry to the ground and hide a seed under a leaf, tamp down the leaf with his little paws, and head back for more.

A few [tag]chipmunks[/tag] have been keeping the seed cleaned up under the feeders, and it has been a chore shooing away pigeons.

These pictures were taken from the stairway window, which leads to the second floor of our home.

Blue Jays have been stuffing their bills with peanuts and sunflower seed. I have noticed at least 10 different Jays in our backyard at one time. They are very aggressive toward other birds, but the cardinals will have none of it. I saw a female Cardinal chase away 2 Blue Jays from the platform feeder. The male Cardinal sat nearby on a branch during all this, and then joined her when the Jays were gone.

Winter is near. [tag]Birds[/tag] are fattening themselves up for the shorter days, the bitter cold, the howling wind and the blanket of snow that covers the land.

Please don’t forget our feathered friends this [tag]winter[/tag]!

Squirrel hanging from a feeder


Bluejay on a feeder

Happy [tag]birding[/tag]!

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