Warblers everywhere

by John Briggs on May 6, 2008

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This evening after having our meal, Sharon and I went to the back yard with the binoculars to do some bird watching. Flitting in the trees were a wide variety of Warblers, including two who now grace our life list.

Although I did not get any photos because of the lack of good light, our necks were aching after following the acrobatic birds doing there bug gleaning in the tree tops.

The Nashville and the Black and White Warblers were a first for us. I loved watching the Black and White move around the tree similar to how a Nuthatch maneuvers in a tree. Other Warblers would hover at times, trying for that juicy bug.

Among the madness in the trees, were American Goldfinches who would fool you for a split second as we tried to identify the bird action. At one point, 20 Goldfinches were either on the feeders or staging in the trees.

Most of these Warblers will be moving on to thier nesting areas, and I am hoping several species will stay and make our home thier home.

Here is the Warbler tally from this evening. (I am sure there are many more we missed, they are so hard to follow!)

Location:     Bath, Maine (Home)
Observers:    John & Sharon Briggs
Observation date:     5/6/08
Notes:     Partly cloudy, temp low 50’s
Number of species:     8

Nashville Warbler     1
Northern Parula     4
Yellow Warbler     2
Yellow-rumped Warbler     3
Palm Warbler     3
Palm Warbler (Yellow)     2
Black-and-white Warbler     4
Wilson’s Warbler     2

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As a side note, I am finding more and more characters out there stealing my images. As a photographer, I am outraged when people grab photos off the web and use them without consideration of copyright. I’ve been fighting this “It’s on the Internet, so it must be free!” ignorance for more than three years now.

Folks, if you see any of my images on the net, especially without a credit back to me or my website, please email me and let me know. There are several entities and people who I have given permission to use my images and they have a credit line with the image.

Happy birding!


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