Western Reef Heron seen in Maine!

by John Briggs on August 19, 2006

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Update 9:25 a.m.: Reports still coming in this morning that the Western Reef Heron is still being seen off Kittery Point, Maine. Some great pictures of this bird are at MaineToday.com|Field Notes.


Reports from the Maine-Birds List state an adult dark-morph Western Reef Heron was seen Friday in the a.m. just off Kittery Point, [tag]Maine[/tag].

It was first observed on Gooseberry Island east-southeast of the Kittery Point Town Landing. It then flew to nearby Fishing Island, about 1/3 mile south of the pier at the Town Landing.

The [tag]bird[/tag] was viewed from the piers, as well as a local charter boat, until about 9:30 a.m. It then disappeared into taller grass on the island. As of 10:45 a.m., the bird had not been relocated. Since the Snowy and Great Egrets that were also there similarly had vacated the island, it is likely that the Western Reef Heron also left to feed as the tide receded.

It is reported that this may be only the second or third time a Western Reef Heron has been spotted in the USA! This map shows the reported location.

[tag]Birders[/tag] in coastal [tag]Massachusetts[/tag] and [tag]New Hampshire[/tag] should be on the lookout for this bird, as it could be the sighting of a life time!

Portions of this post are from emails I received from the Maine-Birds List.

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