Wildbird Weekend Meme

by John Briggs on May 7, 2009

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Wildbird Weekend

I have been participating in several birding related memes for quite sometime. It’s an enjoyable experience and I have made quite a few online friends who have some wonderful blogs. Another aspect of participating is the visitors that memes bring to your blog. I don’t submit my links to raise my “hits”, but since my first meme participation my visitor base has nearly doubled. Not just from Maine, but from all over the world!

The research I have done on the birding related memes has led me to a few conclusions: (not scientific in any sense, but I have been asking questions)

  • Most birders only have time to bird on weekends and holidays and post about their outing on Saturday, Sunday or the first one or two days of the week.
  • Viewership on this blog and some others that I have surveyed spike between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • From those surveyed, bloggers post most frequently on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

So where am I going with this? It’s simple. If most birders can only get out to bird watch on weekends and or holidays, then why not have a meme for these weekenders? You may already post to several memes. There’s no rule that says you can’t post a link to various memes.

Beginning this Saturday May 9th, 2009, Wildbird Weekend will be launched. Every Saturday, I will put up the Wildbird Weekend post which will always include a Mr. Linky for all the participants’ links. Note: You’ll have until Wednesday to get your link in.  After Wednesday, I close the Linky in order to prevent spam. Please keep the links to posts that are about birding or birding related activities only.

I will host this meme on a trial basis for one month. If after this period of time participation seems to be going well, I will make it permanent. If it’s a disaster, I will take it down for good.

If you get anything out of this, it will be greater visibility for your blog. Leave me a comment if you like this idea and if you may be participating.

Happy birding!



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